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This is the fifth lesson that I write on the subject of Divi from Elegant themes and corresponding settings. All previous tutorials you could see in the Divi tutorials.

In this article, I continue with the settings, and you can see how to edit navigation. Specifically, in this article you can see how to do and what it look like the following things:

At first, go to Appearance → Customize:

Click on Header & Navigation:

Then go to Header Format to set the appearance of the Divi header:

Here’s the default setting, in the Header Style it is set to Default:

If you choose Centered, this how it will look:

If you choose Centered Inline Logo this is the look what you get:

If you choose Slide In, the menu will be hidden at the right:


When someone clicks on “three lines icon” at the right, the menu will appear:

If you choose Fullscreen, you will also get “three lines menu icon” on the right:


But, a click will trigger fullscreen menu:

Enable Vertical navigation

Check this field to enable vertical navigation in Divi theme. Additionally, you can to set the whether the menu appears on the left or right side of the screen:

Hide navigation until scroll

You can enable this option in just one click. After that, when someone visits your site, the menu will not be visible until scroll.