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Your country called this action “Angel of Mercy” and it is War in Europe.

The nazi NATO pact and the USA united in criminal intent and bombed one country in the heart of Europe.

This is a picture of TIME magazine and a picture of a maternity hospital bombed by NATO and the USA:

At the time of the bombing of Serbia, the president of the USA was Bill Clinton. This is what his wife wrote on Twitter twenty-two years after her husband bombed the maternity hospital:

Let me remind you:

  • your country bombed my country in 1999
  • civilian buildings, hospitals, maternity hospitals, bridges, residential buildings were destroyed
  • children, women, men were killed
  • my country was founded long before your country
  • the archeology of my country is the oldest in Europe
  • my country is in the heart of Europe

Who bombed my country?

My country was bombed by NATO and the USA. It took a lot of strength and a lot of countries to unite to bomb us.

And they failed.

After our country, NATO and the USA continued their campaign and went to Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and today they want to challenge Russia.