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Ivan Blagojevic

I was born on the same day as Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. At 22 I started Bilbo’s stage: “I’m going on an adventure”. The key geo points so far: Pepeljevac (22y), Novi Sad (9y), Belgrade (3y)


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I am

Husband, father, blogger, SEO writer, happiness manager, web designer, technical support, newsletter man, I can fix it when something does not work well. I can be good at selling too.

I work

In Adriahost. I am on the line from the first contact with the client, through sales and activation of the service, technical support and further development and maintenance of cooperation. I’m selling web hosting and domains, site development and SEO optimization. I’m also working on support for the same things, doing websites in WordPress and running the Google Ads campaign. I write texts on the Adriahost blog and I wrote them over 80. I make the best guidelines in the world.

I love

My family, nature and technology, old stories and movies that lead to other worlds. I love our field under the house where we plant white corn from which we make our bread. I love the plum garden on the hill and river near the house. The best things in the world are the mild kajmak and hot cornbread, the security you feel when you see a happy child and a summer mist in the morning. I like Turkish coffee without sugar.

I can

I can learn, I can work, I can imagine and create. The boundary is where I restrict myself, by chance or intentionally. My coach of Toitsudo Ryu Aikido told that one man can do everything that is achieved by any other man – but sometimes he has to sweep for it. 16 years later, I tried many of my borders, but I realized that I had just started.

Tools I use:

  • Operating systems:
    • Ubuntu
    • Windows
  • Hosting management:
    • WHM
    • cPanel
  • PPC tools:
    • Google Ads MCC
    • Google analytics
    • Firebase analytics
  • I create websites
    • WordPress CMS
    • Divi by Elegant Themes
    • Monarch plugin
    • Bloom plugin
    • MailPoet 3
  • Photography edit:
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
  • Video edit:
    • Wondershare Filmora
    • Handbrake

Foreign language:

  • English

Work experience

Starting from the current one


happiness manager, February 2016 and current

Adriahost deals with professional web hosting, domain registration, site development, SEO optimization, online advertising, SMS marketing. My job is mostly in the sale of these services, technical support and writing content for the blog and knowledge base.

  • sale, seduction, and activation of services
  • technical support in the field of web hosting and additional services
  • creating sites in WordPress
  • Launch and run the Google Ads campaign
  • writing articles and tutorials


 remote content creator, October 2014 – February 2016.

Adriahost deals with professional web hosting, domain registration, site development, SEO optimization, online advertising, SMS marketing. My job at that time was to write text for the blog and to create technical instructions for the target group of clients.

  • writing articles on topics: web hosting, cPanel, domains, web design, marketing
  • processing of video footage and production of video tutorials in Serbian language


remote website creation and writing SEO texts

In my free time and out of work, I am also involved in creating websites and writing articles for SEO preparation. I make sites on the WordPress platform using premium themes and plugins. I have a good experience with the Divi Premium theme and generally, I’m good with WordPress core.

  • Creation of WordPress sites and maintenance
  • Writing texts for SEO and copywriting