Full Service and site maintenance with Divi theme + hosting included

Divi Friend Support

Creation of a complete site or modification of an existing site in the Divi theme

I can build a complete site for you in the Divi theme. Or I can fix and customize your existing site in Divi theme.

Maintenance of the site in the Divi theme

I can do the maintenance of your site in Divi theme. This includes changes, additions, modifications and troubleshooting.

Fast hosting that will make Divi work the best

I have a ready-made hosting solution that will help your Divi theme site work great. Without big costs and with minimal investments.

Friendly consulting and help with running the site

I make all sites in the Divi theme and have many years of experience in hosting sites. I can be a useful friend to you.

Divi optimized hosting for best performance


Super fast SSD hosting that will help your Divi site run faster

The disk is essential for reading and writing data from your site. The faster the disk, the faster the site.

LiteSpeed WebServer and LiteSpeed Caching for Divi

In addition to the disk, the speed of the site also depends on the web server and caching. The problem with WordPress is that WordPress is dynamic content. With a little tweaking, this problem is solved successfully.