Gathering of the international hacker community AKA BalCCon2k14

Balkan computer Congress

Ok, this is such a friendly gathering of people who want to teach others, learn from many, and enjoyed a lot. More than international hacker community and totally different from the troupe without a goal. This is the second gathering in a row, in fact, first one congress was held last year in September. This is Balkan computer Congress or as an abbreviation BalCCon. This congress aims to bring together all the people who understand computers, hacking, internet, networks, programming and technology in general and all that pooled together in GNU / Linux.  The most beautiful side of this Congress is that even those who do not understand these things will not feel left out and will be able to find a place whether it be to stand of Ubuntu, or Slackware or with a lecture on technology hacking locks or padlocks or connecting guitars and organizing drivers for the accompanying music devices.

Organized by LUGoNS…

LUGoNS is the Linux User Group of Novi Sad which is a city in the northern province of Serbia. An interesting way in which the organizers describe the location and time of the event is very well defined description:

05|06|07 September 2014, Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia, Europe, Earth, Milky Way

All data and call for submission can be found on the official site:

BalCCon2k14 official page

Great opportunities for everyone

At the Congress there are great opportunities to meet new people, old friends with whom contact only via the Internet or a celebrity like Violet Blue or just me. You can be a volunteer, or to come and be a guest. You can bring your computer and ask questions, present ideas or install a new operating system. I, last year, was at the convention as a volunteer and as a member of the Ubuntu Local Community of Serbia. Follow the news from the official site and think about coming because September will quickly come.

See you there!


Аутор: Иван Благојевић

Радим као Engineering Lead у Адриахосту. Највише времена проводим на Линукс серверима.

Помажем људима да реше проблеме и да одаберу прави хостинг за свој сајт. Овде је моја радна биографија.

Пишем овде у слободно време.

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