Let the journey begin!

ivan_blagojevicIt is not easy to start this story. Although I have often thought about this in the last few years I’ve only just now found the time to set out on this journey. This trip will be easier than he had Bilbo Baggins, but will take place in a comfortable armchair and the pleasures that Bilbo had.

Much of it was for the pack, of course, in addition to my personal life and all the problems that a person can have, my wife and young son and making sure that it all works well together.

I’m not going to stand out a lot during the writing of this but I will say that the first name is Ivan Blagojevi?, and I’m from Serbia. I was born and raised in the countryside, but I accidentally ended up in the city and live there now. It is not very comfortable for a man like me but currently there is no other way. I live in the city of Novi Sad in the last five years. I currently have twenty-nine years old and I’m not sure how long I’ll have them when the trip is over.

I went to school in Serbia, and it was not related to computers and not for blogging. Computers and blogs have interested me later when I started to live alone. Now I have more interest and more work. Nevertheless, my wife began to take an interest in blogging too, and joined it with some of her interests.

What I bring to this journey?

As I said earlier, a lot had to be packed but I choose only what will we most need. Most of all it will be what makes the apple look so good, works so well and makes everyone around feel happy.

What is the plan?

  • Secret weapon 1: The real wealth of images and details that I will make manually
  • Secret Weapon 2: A lot of feelings
  • Powerful weapon: A lot of reasons why I love Apple Mac and GNU Linux
  • Ultimate weapon: The ultimate reason for my great love for Apple Mac and GNU Linux

Who will help me?

  • My family
  • Your family
  • Your Comments
  • Your criticism
  • Your word when you spread my word
  • Passers-by in everyday online and in real life
  • Problems
  • Situations
  • Computers
  • perhaps birds and apples
  • and dwarfs.

What can you expect from me?

Just a good story!

See you there! 🙂

Аутор: Иван Благојевић

Радим као Engineering Lead у Адриахосту. Највише времена проводим на Линукс серверима.

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