Website Redesign, Backup and Security

Repair and redesign

If the website does not work well, it may be necessary to repair and update. Web standards and devices (smartphones and tablets) are rapidly changing. It is necessary to customize the website to work properly.

Full Update to 2018

To make the site work properly, it is necessary to update and work with the backend and frontend. Backend serves the site to work well. Frontend serves to make the visitor communicate well with you via the site.

Backup and Security

Security is in the first place. To make the site work fast and reliably must be clean and secured. A secure and up-to-date site should be backed up regularly as an additional measure of protection.



  1. Review of the existing site and status
  2. Diagnostics and Recommendations for Better performance
  3. Full Redesign in WordPress CMS, Premium Design
  4. Full Update to the latest Web Standards
  5. Initial SEO is preparing for Google Search Engine
  6. Installation of SSL certificate and Setup
  7. Implementation of Google Analytics
  8. Content transfer to a new design*
  9. Web Site protection and Advanced Security
  10. Site backup and copying to a safe location
  11. Training and Consulting
  12. Full job done within one working week*


Start from:


*Contents such as pages, texts and images may be charged additionally for large sites. Fill in the site up to 15 pages and 20 articles is in the basic price.

*If there are conditions (good hosting, stable uplink) and if there are no special requirements, all the work is done within one week.


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