Good to know if you want to spread the word about Ubuntu

It’s always good to know where you can find a large inventory of information about things that interest us and about which we want to write word about Ubuntu. If you want to write about the animals you will not come to this blog if you are looking for quality information on the breeding season Siamese cat or a way to raise a dragon at home. And yes, there are dragons, that have you not seen them only means that you are not good looking.

Also, good inventories of information be best to look at the main site that handles Ubuntu. Of course, there are several websites where you can find plenty of quality information and material whether you want to write, hold lectures on Ubuntu or simply make good wallpaper.

Legal Information

I personally do not like a lot to go into law, license, payment, rights to copy … but it’s good to know where to find these things. Moreover, I always need them when you least expect it. Comes in handy if you are a member of Ubuntu local community or working on an official project that may conflict with certain rights in your country, or simply just good to have this kind of detail is always at hand. This kind of thing is always best to visit the official website of Ubuntu or Canonical. And here it is:

Ubuntu legal terms and policies

Logos, colour pallete, font family and more

Here are my favorite details, I have to admit I’ve always been a little bit (more) visual type person. If you write about Ubuntu or you directly involved in its development, media advertising, blogs, communities … these are recognizable details with instructions that they must be publicly displayed. Also, here you can see all the exact details relating to writing, presentation and retrieval or creation of logos and signage. You can see how to create photos that will faithfully represent Ubuntu or text input.

Brand assets

Here are just links that I use most often, to see all the source materials click on the brand assets (above).

And of course, as a reward comes in handy where you can download Ubuntu promotional design material:

Paradise for helpers and designers

And this is a place that you love the most! Here you can get what others have done, create a new, translate the existing, or share it all together tons of material. If you like this, I have the right site for you:

The best way

…is always the simplest one. Just install Ubuntu, use it and let others see your satisfaction.

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