There are many ways to get back to Ubuntu

All of us eventually find the best operating system we want to use. Linux is great because it gives a lot of freedom and a lot to choose between a wide range of distributions and their features, but if you do not find your taste within GNU can always be shut within closed source. Here’s how it looked my way within the GNU / Linux world and revolves around the point that is always called Ubuntu.


Kubuntu – my first start

My experience with Linux does not extends into the distant past. I will say that my first installed Linux was Kubuntu 9.04 and you guess which year it was. Shortly after I found out that there is a world outside of MS I installed Kubuntu as the only operating system on my computer.

It was such a good experience! Unique!

Soon after I began to explore the vast expanse of Linux, and find out for Ubuntu, Linux Mint, openSuse … I began to realize that in the world of operating systems Windows takes up the smallest part. But that’s another story. I found Ubuntu and Gnome, I decided to try all the things you do not know and somehow ended up on GNOME, which is not a bad choice. Honestly, KDE will always be my love, but Gnome has always somehow been more convenient, faster, more alive … I’ve come to the fact that the Kubuntu is based on Ubuntu, which is not hard to understand, right?

The period of of testing

This part of my life was just exciting! I tried everything I had come to hand and computer. No one was spared, and there were no survivors, some computer parts are quickly killed (such as a hard disk …). openSuse, Debian, Mint, Arch, Elive, Ultimate Edition, Chakra, … everything is tested and used. Yes, it was nice but over time the man gets tired, decided to seek a safe haven for its system.

Stable, secure, always waiting for you

Yes, stable, secure, with a touch of comfort annoying operating system always waits for its owner. Whenever I lost my temper with some other operating system I returned Ubuntu. Whenever operating system to I keep for emergency system it was the Ubuntu. Of course, there were times when I openly and  secretly criticized Ubuntu, of course, at a time when it is deserved. Tired is man when constantly adjusts again Arch, or trying to re-enable the Fedora listening to MP3 music or … to force openSuse to recognize that the hood of the laptop is closed. Such a man often comes back to the point where it began or to the base of the first system that has been used. I’m not that much old, but with my thirty years I increasingly less feel the need to try out, at the same time I have more desire to write about what has passed. In the end, I am happy that Ubuntu 14.04 is well done release. For further course we’ll see.


Аутор: Иван Благојевић

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