Two helpful tips for buying a laptop

Here’s a short and simple, yet efficient, guide to buying a laptop. So the idea is to buy what you want, that it is good and cheap. Otherwise, I do not like to write those “10-20 tips on how to buy a laptop” or “40 things you have to do something.” I wrote two helpful tips here. One to buy a new laptop, one for buying a used, cheap, but good.

I like to occasionally take a look and see what’s interesting, what’s cheap from the new ones, and what’s good about used laptops. I can say that I often come across on good used laptops at some lower prices.

A tip for buying a good used laptop

This is important, here are the used laptops that are without warranty, usually do not come with the original hard-disk, you should look good before you buy, you need to know a little about your computer or investigate before purchasing this way. The price I recommend for a good and used laptop is from 200 to 300 euros. This is usually the price of the cheapest new laptop from Z class.

There are various ad sites where you can find people selling these laptops. Wherever you look, here’s what it’s good to find:

  • Look for laptops imported from the EU and have just left the warranty
  • They have a German keyboard
  • Search for Lenovo ThinkPad computers, preferably T class

Why laptops from the EU?

Because many EU companies take new devices immediately after the warranty expires. He takes out the hard disk and gives it to destruction. In companies, there is usually more discipline and purity, so you’re likely to come across a well-preserved, clean and not-used laptop.

Why with the German keyboard?

Germany is in the EU, highly disciplined, and whatever it is that someone is talking about, it’s certain that the same laptops are not delivered to the German and the Balkan market.

Why ThinkPad?

Related to the previous, they are often used by firms and banks. They are indestructible. They’re waterproof. They are resistant to shocks and falls. Housing made of magnesium and aluminum alloys. US military standards are passing. They are of high quality and are better than new plastic laptops.

Tip for buying a new laptop

Here it is impossible to choose either German or domestic market. However, money can be saved because the prices from the store to the store vary by 10,000 dinars which is not very small at all. Now, the trick is how to compare prices and get to what you need, possibly quickly because the new toy is waiting somewhere in the shop window.

I recently bought trotinet and I come across This is a site for comparison of prices  and for trotinet it was not useful because the difference was about 100 dinars. However, I skipped out of the laptops for comparison and here can be saved. Here’s an example:

It’s the same laptop, under the same conditions and warranty, in two different stores with a difference of 7,800 dinars. This is not a small difference at all, because it is a costs for a good 120 GB solid state drive (that’s what I’m doing). Here’s another example, not a laptop, but it’s great for this story:

It seems to me that I’ve already seen such sites to compare prices at different stores, but I do not know why I did not pay more attention. When buying a new laptop, in my opinion, if you already know what you want to buy, it’s important to look at whether the same laptop can be at a lower price. I now often look at their top products because there is really some sort of price comparison that makes sense here: top products – price comparison.

In both cases, you need to think about it

New is new, but and used it can also be good if it is well chosen. Not always everything is in savings, sometimes the lower price costs much more in the long run, and sometimes the high price does not yield the paid results. It’s important to check everything well, and a bit Google needs to include and read experiences and recommendations. I hope these two tips will help you.

Аутор: Иван Благојевић

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