CyberPanel and OpenLiteSpeed as free alternative for cPanel and LiteSpeed

For all those who find cPanel expensive in combination with LiteSpeed web server, there is a free alternative. It is a combination of CyberPanel that comes with OpenLiteSpeed web server.

The cost of paid software can be as follows:

  • cPanel, $9 minimum for a cPanel account (Solo Cloud or Solo Metal)
  • LiteSpeed, $10 minimum
  • server costs

A slightly more serious server costs $20 per month, so in total it would be about $40-50 per month or $400-500 per year.

Of course, LiteSpeed is free for cPanel servers that have less than 2GB of RAM. In that case you only pay for the server and cPanel.

CyberPanel and OpenLiteSpeed for for the lowest server and website hosting costs

For smaller projects, I use exactly this as I wrote in the title.

Cyberpanel is great, easy to install and comes with OpenLiteSpeed web server.

OpenLiteSpeed, the Open Source edition of LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise, is free to download, use, distribute, and modify under GPLv3.

CyberPanel has everything you need to start a site, install basic services on the server, issue SSL certificates for free, manage sites.

In addition to that, OpenLiteSpeed brings all the benefits of fast caching and advanced serving of PHP software (best for WordPress). Note: For WordPress, you also need a caching plugin that you install on your site.

You can start any project very easily and quickly with minimal costs.

If you are looking for a recommendation for minimal cost while still using the full benefits of LiteSpeed software, my recommendation goes to CyberPanel.

Good luck!

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Author, Ivan Blagojević

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I help people solve problems and choose the right hosting for their site.

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