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Lightworks video editor for Linux

You can download Lightworks video editor for Linux for free (and legally) and use it for all your needs.

Lightworks is great for short and quick works and editing of video material. It doesn’t have many options in its free version, but you can see that it is a professional tool.

The goal of this free version of Lightworks video editor for Linux is probably to give you a try and if you like it, you can upgrade to the paid professional version, and that’s totally fine.

How to install Lightworks video editor on Linux

To install Lightworks video editor on Linux operating system you need to open an account here Lightworks.

With the account, you can download the installation version in a package that corresponds to the operating system you are using.

If you use an operating system such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary OS, or any other Debian-based operating system, then you download the DEB package.

You can install the deb package by running it by double-clicking or by running the command:

sudo dpkg -i PACKAGE-NAME

In case you are using a Linux operating system that supports RPM packages, then download the RPM version and start the installation by double-clicking or using the command:

sudo rpm -i PACKAGE-NAME

After installation, search for the program and you can start creating.

Lightworks has a pretty clean and pleasing, mathematically calculated design and it really looks professional:

If you want to compare with Pitivi video editor, you will see the difference, so judge for yourself whether the design suits you:

Did you know… and Features, Documentation

Did you know that movies: Pulp fiction, The King’s Speech, The Irishman, Jerry Meguire, The Wolf od Wallstreet, Road to perdition… are processed in Lightworks video editor.

For features and documentation it’s best to check out the official Lightworks pages:

If you are an absolute beginner, start with this video:

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