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Looking for Conky ready OS? Try MXLinux XFCE

If you love Conky and want your desktop to look futuristic and full of useful information, you probably wanted a more ready-made solution as a beginner.

The MXLInux operating system comes with pre-installed Conky configurations that you can turn on and change with a few clicks of the mouse and editing the configuration text.

MXLinux comes with 3 preinstalled Conky tools: Conky Toggle, Conky Manager, MX Conky

This means that on MXLinux XFCE you don’t need to bother much with installing and configuring Conky.

I will jot down a few details that will be useful to you.

What is Conky Toggle?

Conky Toggle is a script that turns Conky on or off. It doesn’t have any extra big purpose. You have a similar option in Conky Manager.

What is Conky Manager?

Conky Manager is an application that gathers multiple Conky configurations (schemas) and allows the user to turn on, turn off and edit these configurations easily.

This way you can manage all the configurations quite easily and turn them on and off easily.

What is MXConky?

This app enables detailed changes to the active conky. It supplements Conky Manager, which should be used for basic settings.

There are a lot of useful tweaks in both of these apps, so in the next post I’ll describe what you can use to make your desktop look nice.

The best way to learn is to try out the options and try to find what works best for you.

If you are not using MXLinux

You can install Conky on any Linux operating system by searching for the following packages in the package manager:

An alternative way to install is to install Conky package via Terminal:

For Ubuntu run:

sudo apt install conky-all

For Fedora run:

sudo dnf install -y conky

For Debian run:

sudo apt install -y conky

For OpenSUSE run:

sudo zypper -n in conky

After installation, you will need to get involved with the settings, so it is best to start your journey by choosing one of the Conky themes and then try to set everything up properly.

Here is an address where you can find many users of Conky themes: Conky at Gnome-look.

Author, Ivan Blagojević

Engineering Lead at Adriahost. I spend most of my time on Linux operating systems with cPanel/WHM panels.

I help people solve problems and choose the right hosting for their site.

I write here in my spare time.

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