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Ivan Blagojevic

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Two helpful tips for buying a laptop

Here's a short and simple, yet efficient, guide to buying a laptop. So the idea is to buy what you want, that it is good and cheap. Otherwise, I do not like to write those "10-20 tips on how to buy a laptop" or "40 things you have to do something." I wrote two helpful...

WordPress: How to add icon in the menu

You've probably seen that some sites have icons in the menu or text and icons are combined. You can easily add this yourself without using special addon. For the contact page, you can add letter, phone handset icon, or to add a box icon for the gift page. Here's how...

How to recognize a font from an image or a site

If you are in a graphic or web design, you make sites or you like to make nice headlines in Photoshop, you probably saw some good font somewhere and wondered how to check font. You can easily find out this if you ask the author, but while you wait for the answer, try...

How to add new string in Polylang

If you created a site in WordPress and added more languages using Polylang, you should now translate all the strings (words) that Polylang did not automatically register to be translated. Depending on how your theme is well made, Polylang does not register all words...

Install Ubuntu 18.04 step by step

This is the installation guide for how to install Ubuntu 18.04 operating system written step by step with the images and the explanations of each step for the installation. Instructions for installation of Ubuntu operating system are often not necessary because the...

Website in WordPress

Creating a professional website

  • Modern Design
  • Responsive with all devices
  • Google Verification
  • Optimization for Server



Image processing

  • Preparing images for the web
  • Image optimization
  • Photomanipulation
  • Retouching

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