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my name is Ivan Blagojević, and this is my weblog

I work as L2 technical support at webhosting (shared and dedicated hosting servers). I spend most of my time on Linux operating systems with cPanel/WHM panels.

I write here in my spare time.

I can help you with: creating a WordPress site, help when it comes to the Divi theme for WordPress, creating landing pages, packing pages, arranging text, images and the site in general.

What I do and where I come from

I work at Adriahost. I also work as a freelancer. I feel best in the field of writing, WordPress and Photoshop. These three keywords are mostly mentioned here on the blog.

I make sites in WordPress. I use the Divi theme a lot and I know the Divi bodybuilder very well. I know how hosting works, Google and Facebook. I know how to set up a site.

I was born and raised in a Serbian Orthodox family. That’s how I live today. I respect other people’s traditions and I try not to forget my own. I also have my notes where I write down important things with a pencil. My biography or what they call a CV.

I feel the need to show a part of the “peace” and “democracy” that the USA and NATO shared with my country in the 20th century.

If you are interested in learning more about, take a few minutes and read this text: About USA, about NATO, about Serbia and democracy.

Latest on my weblog:

What am I writing about here

Here are some of my texts for WordPress, about blogging, about the programs I use, for some useful advice and the like … below are instructions for servers, hosting, as something basic that you need to have a website, emails and exist on the Internet . At the end are the instructions for Photoshop.

I can give you good recommendations for: Creating a WordPress site, hosting, domain registration and advertising.

About USA, about NATO, about Serbia and democracy.

Your country called this action "Angel of Mercy" and it is War in Europe. The nazi NATO pact and the USA united in criminal intent and bombed one country in the heart of Europe. This is a picture of TIME magazine and a picture of a maternity hospital bombed by NATO...

How to record gif on Mac

Recording gifs on Mac (or any other system) is a great way to capture a screenshot or anything from a screen in motion pictures. The advantage over the video is that it does not take up much space and you do not need a video player - the gif is simply a moving image,...


Instructions for hosting, servers, etc.:

Here are the topics: website development, servers, hosting, I write a lot about this on Adrihost’s blog, so look there too. I’m not a system administrator, but I know what you need for a site to work well, I know how to recognize when it’s not working well, why it’s not working and how to make it better. For example, if I make a site for someone, I can immediately see if it will work well on the hosting they have chosen, and I advise the right purchase.

How to install WordPress on CentOS 6 Server

How to install WordPress on CentOS 6 Server

This is a guide to preparing CentOS 6 Linux on the server so that WordPress can work on it. Wordpress on CentOS can work without cPanel, PHPMyAdmin, everything is done from the console, and you will eventually need an Internet browser to install WordPress and check if...

Photoshop tutorials:

Here are instructions for Photoshop, retouching and photo processing. If you type “photoshop tutorials Ivan” on Google, you should see this site among the first results. I am no longer actively involved in this, Photoshop now serves me for optimization and preparation of images for creating sites, but these instructions remain.

How to recognize a font from an image or a site

How to recognize a font from an image or a site

If you are in a graphic or web design, you make sites or you like to make nice headlines in Photoshop, you probably saw some good font somewhere and wondered how to check font. You can easily find out this if you ask the author, but while you wait for the answer, try...

Photoshop for Beginners: Airbrush

Photoshop for Beginners: Airbrush

The faces of actors, photo models and models from magazines sometimes look perfect. The culprits are not creams and preparations, the culprit is some of the techniques of processing photos. About some of the techniques I have written, but you can find them in the menu...

Ubuntu instructions:

The texts here are more related to Ubuntu and Linux operating systems for desktops and laptops.

Good programs for capturing GIF images for Ubuntu and Windows 10

Good programs for capturing GIF images for Ubuntu and Windows 10

I wrote here which two programs I use on Ubuntu and Windows systems to capture the screen in gif (.gif) moving images. In this way, you can record the screen and show certain actions on your computer, like when I write a manual or you can record some funny gif (go to...

Install Ubuntu 18.04 step by step

Install Ubuntu 18.04 step by step

This is the installation guide for how to install Ubuntu 18.04 operating system written step by step with the images and the explanations of each step for the installation. Instructions for installation of Ubuntu operating system are often not necessary because the...

Linux on a laptop: long live the battery with TLP

Certain models of laptops have a problem with a short holding batteries od Linux. Of course, do not have this problem all the models, but a good portion of them have this problem because it is often retold, and seeking out solutions. I am among those who use mobile...